May the Fourth Be With You


The history of civilization is marked by the struggle of three classes – the hip hoppers, sad clowns, and folk musicians. Antiquity was ruled by the hip hoppers. The epoch of sad clowns lasted until 1912. 2012 marks the end of the Mayan calendar and the beginning of The Era of Ol’ Savannah (TEOS).

The hip hoppers were seduced by the promise of golden calves and pyramids, and the sad clowns choked on seltzer and pie, but Ol’ Savannah has learned the lessons of history. No empty idol, nor cheap gag will distract him from his mission. The Father has sent Ol’ Savannah into the world to spread His message of drinking, smoking, fighting, and strings.

Ol’ Savannah wants to play all the time. The venue doesn’t matter. The opener doesn’t matter. The closer doesn’t matter. He’ll penetrate your eardrums and your balls (or your ovaries). The music speaks for itself and, nevertheless, it still evolves. Its evolution is never finished, because Ol’ Savannah always has more to say and more to learn and more to learn how to say. The goal is world domination, so long as Ol’ Savannah gets to define the world and determine the method of domination. The revolution will be complete and total, and Ol’ Savannah is bound to fuck shit up. But don’t worry, he’ll be gentle.