Big Chill Tour Concluded

We’re back in Montreal now after a crazy-filled Big Chill Tour. We had our ups and downs, but all in all it was well worth it and we look forward to getting back to some of the venues real soon! C’est What in Toronto can go suck a big, fat one, but other than that everyone else was more than kind. Come June or July, you can expect us to get back to Wakefield, Ottawa, and Toronto. We are deeply sorry we didn’t make it to Guelph, but we’ll do our best to make there soon as well. Take ……………………………………………… care y’all and see yuz soon!

Wakefield, QC

All started right at Kaffe 1870 in Wakefield on Saturday. Since then, we’ve all been getting our share of food and drink and floor space in Oshawa, Toronto, and London. We’re back to Toronto today for a three-day stint, including a last-minute spot on Saturday at The Dakota Tavern. There, we’ll be opening for Big Tobacco and The Pickers. Take care, y’all! Hope to get back here soon.

Big Chill Tour 2011

Well folks, we’re just about to hit the road for the Ol’ Savannah Big Chill Tour. New towns, new tunes, and new merch! We will be updating this here blog with photos and limericks along the way. If you know how to sign up for our RSS feed, you should do it and stay updated. Otherwise, just keep checking in either here or on good ol’ facebook. See y’all later!