Happy Honeymoon, Bart & Alice!

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Ever since we started touring back in 2010, we’ve made a point to travel hard to bring you our live show and put out a new release (almost) every year. Now, for the first time in all these years we’re going to take an extended break as we wish our very own Bartleby J Budde and his lovely wife, Alice, a happy honeymoon in their new home. That’s right! They’re giving it all up to live in a van. That’s awesome!

We wish you two the best along your travels around the States over the next 6+ months.
Actually, we don’t know who that guy in the picture is. Alice, what did you do with Bart!? Who is that guy!?

For all our friends, supporters, and fans, we’re planning to hit the road again in May 2017. Until then!

Nobody Loves the Donkey | Tournée d’été 2016

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On A Trip To Normal (EP) Out Now!

Ol’ Savannah’s 5th release, “On a Trip to Normal”, is available now. Comprising of 5 new songs, the album was recorded live at Studio Victor on a muggy Montreal day back in May. Please visit to listen to the EP in its entirety. You will also have the option to purchase digital or physical copies.

Don’t Let It Reign Summer Tour 2015


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“Don’t Let It Reign” Now Available!

“Don’t Let It Reign” is now available for streaming online and for sale at Thank you for your support!

Please visit our upcoming shows page to see where we will be playing to continue promoting this latest release.

As always, peace, love, and whiskey!