Pete Seeger’s “O Canada”

Came across this in Pete’s book Where Have all the Flowers Gone.  He wrote these new words once smog prevented his view of the Catskills. He writes that he could see the mountains clearly in the early 50’s while standing in his wife Toshi’s vegetable garden 45 miles away. Once the smog filled up the valley, one only sees the distant mountains when the northwest wind blows.  Here you have his new words. Please let us know what you think, whether you’re Canadian, American, or otherwise.

O Canada
At last I breathe again
All thanks to you
Also your great north wind.
No customs tax, no border guards
Could keep your clean air out
So down here in the Polluted States
We all stand up and shout.
O Canada! O Canada!
O Canada —
The words stop in my mouth,
What happens to you when the wind blows
From the south?