(Don’t Let It) Reign

Album: Burden and Don’t Let It Reign

Let it rain
Let it rain bombs
Let the free market reign
Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain

Gotta go to the store
Gotta get some of that stuff
They got it two for a quarter
And I ain’t got a dime

If there ain’t no rights
Then there can’t be no wrongs
Have you seen it rain?
Rain right on the floor
Let it rain on the poor
Let it pour

Exchange a shake
Can’t shake that change
No change of face
Can change that shake
The face of change
It’s such a shame
Now, let shame rain
On that old exchange

They killed our gods
But they kept one hostage
And they let it rule
In the name of regression
And let it rule
In the name of suppression
Well, gold and silver
Can’t stop no lead

Don’t let it reign

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