Twisted Road

Album: Underneath The Old Red Barn

Smokestack lightning shine like gold
You’d better share the wealth before you get too old
Well, I’m an ordinary kind of man
If you feed me hard liquor, I can hardly stand

This lifetime of memories
It got ya sweatin’ bullets if ya seen what I seen
I’m drinkin’, droolin’, rulin’, rollin’ on the pillow case
Oh, I never learned nothing from no high speed chase

Well, if it ain’t one thing, it’d be somethin’ else
It’s gettin’ hot in here, I’d better take my shirt off
I’m feelin’ void of heart, I’m feelin’ void of soul
Is that something to fake, is that something to hold?

On 2, 3, 4, knockin’ on your door
If ya give me what I want, I might still ask for more
I’m incorrigible, I stand in the weeds
And I tell myself I need this pipe dream

Love’s a twisted road with its bumps and its curves
I’ve turned right ‘round, baby, in this tunnel of words
If there’s a light on at the end of the road
I think I’ll have learned enough despair to grow

Out of the swamp and into your heart
You already have me up at night, playin’ a part
Well, I ain’t no two-faced loser, no son of a bitch
I want to grab ya tight and get rid of this itch with you

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