Train to Philadelphia

Album: Underneath The Old Red Barn

Took a train to Philadelphia and left Montreal
I left my job and my woman behind
Went in search of a better life and all that I found
Gamblin’ debts, heartbreak, and strife

Took my things to New Orleans and made my home there
Heard the jazz bands, the women were fine
But the horns wouldn’t play for me, the women non plus
So I left town with hardly a dime

Left the South and I headed west to Los Angeles
Where I heard that it never does rain
But my tears had kept my plenty wet, thinking of home
Now I’m searching that goddamned train

Stole a horse and I headed north to Salt Lake City
There I thought I could make right with God
But the Almighty struck me down for sins of my youth
You spoil the child if you spare that old rod

Packed my bags and I headed back to good, old montreal
I got no job and no woman I can find
But the Lord, He loves this town
And He will provide, so I’m leavin’ my wanderin’ behind

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