She Done Gone To The Devil

Album: Underneath The Old Red Barn

I found me a woman, she make my corn grow high
She plant me a tree and it shoot up to the sky
She’s the goose that lays the golden egg
She brought me to my knees and she taught me how to beg
She’s the gal that opened up my eyes
She’s the gal that made these eyes go blind

The Devil stole that woman right from under me
Now she’s drunk off Sally’s hooch, takin’ shots of rye whiskey
I’m goin’ down to Hell, gotta find my baby there
I’ll bring my baby back if I gotta drag her by her hair

Gotta wrestle the Devil, gotta pin Him to the floor
Make him say, “Uncle”, eat dirt and then some more
He’ll be sorry he stole my Lucy Lu
I’ll butcher up his carcass, then I’ll boil him in a stew

I was just about out of Hell, when I saw my baby stop
She said, “Why would I go with you? The Devil gets me off.”
I fell silent as I saw my baby turn
I reached out to grab her, then my eyes began to burn

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