I Will Roam

Album: Ol’ Savannah

Where the sun licks the mountains
There I could make my home
Where the moon kisses the hilltops
Sure, I’ll step off of that road
So long as there is daylight
So long as you are gone
I will roam

Where the sea brushes the jetty
There I could make my bed
When the tide reaches the high mark
Then I could lay my head
So long as the waters push forth
So long as the rivers flow
I will roam

Where the crosses and the gravestones
Make way for the blessed souls
And the graves open their ramparts
And it chills you to the bone
I will walk the Eastern seaboard
I will fare forward on that road
I will roam

When the shepherd greets the hunter
I will dig my grave
I’ll dig until the bedrock
With the pickaxe and the spade
I’ll quit this weary prison
But until that final day
I will roam

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