(Song For) Trayvon

Album: Burden and Don’t Let It Reign

Leave your weapons at the door step 
When you enter the house of God
There is justice and uprightness
No need to kill a man

Leave your judges, leave your juries
At the threshold of the Lord
Nothing is hidden, none are guilty
In the courtroom of Dog

Young, black, poor, and stoned
Stand your ground and leave me alone
I’m on your land and I’m in my hood
Leave me alone as they said you should
Young, black, poor, and stoned
Now, how! I’m all alone

Bring your shotguns, bring your switchblades
When you enter the house of Man
Ain’t no justice, no comeuppance
In this broken land

A man may shoot down his own brother
With no recourse and no time
One is buried, one is set free
Book deal for his crime

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