Underneath The Old Red Barn

Album: Underneath The Old Red Barn

Underneath the old red barn we used to sit
Dreaming of the days to come
We’d marry for the preacher in mid-July
In August we’d start a home

I would till the fields and mind the corn
And you would feed the chicks and cows
Then we’d smoke and drink together ‘til dawn
And guard the crops from morning crows

In the summer of 1863, you left me for a soldier man
You told me this was how it had to be, and ran off with your soldier man

Underneath the old red barn we used to lie
Dreaming of the days ahead
We’d build a family, we’d build a life
Share the warmth of a single bed

But in winter 1864, they brought your body back to me
You were shot dead with your soldier man, rebels found you by a tree

Underneath the old red barn I laid you rest
Where we used to sit and dream
I visit you there an old man now
When I want to sit and dream

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