Milk Cow Blues

Album: Ol’ Savannah

Have you seen my milk cow? Can you bring her home to me?
I never had no problem ‘til the day that milk cow left me

She been gone so long, she won’t even come to visit in my dreams
I guess she found another farmer, one who’s better than me

I got one hand on the wheel, the other hand’s got a fifth of Beam
I’m going around from town to town, looking for a milk cow no one seems to have seen

I drove out from Ohio down through Tennessee
The people, they all got friendlier but I think that’s just because they were afraid of me

I made it into Georgia with a gun in my hand
I asked a group of locals if they’d seen my Suzanne
They seen her with a chico ‘bout a mile down the road
And said, “You’d better hurry fast, boy, before they get to Mexico”

When I found my milk cow, that made me as mad as could be
Yeah, when I found my milk cow, that made me as sad as could be
But I didn’t want them to see me just yet
Not ‘til I could get rid of that misery

So I followed them into Texas with another bottle of Beam
I followed them into Texas where everything’s as big as it seems
And that’s when I cut them off
They turned around and headed straight New Orleans

Well, then they went up North up the Mississippi
And they were driving so fast, I just stopped, let ‘em believe that they could lose me

Well, I had it in my mind to go to Sault Saint Marie
Suzie has some family up there and I’ll be damned if she could hide there from me

I pulled up to their cabin and I found my Suzanne
I took out my gun and aimed at her man
I said, “You know your fate and I got what’s coming to me
But in Canada, God bless, there ain’t no death penalty”

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