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Ol' Savannah


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Band members: Bartleby J Budde (banjo/bazouki/vox); Mike Gavrailoff (bass); Speedy Johnson (guitar/harmonica/vox); Ram Krishnan (drums/mandolin/vox); Kevin Labchuk  (accordion/harmonium/vox)

Bartleby J. Budde and Speedy Johnson founded Ol’ Savannah in the winter of 2008. The duo began performing Piedmontese acoustic tunes on smaller stages, while honing in on a style of blues influenced first by Mississippi John Hurt and Fred McDowell.

Now consisting of 5 members with 3 albums and 2 EPs, Ol’ Savannah have exchanged the quieter sounds of Piedmont for the violent tides of the Delta and the haunting airs of the Appalachian mountains.

Discography: “Ol’ Savannah”, 2011; “Underneath the Old Red Barn”, 2012; “Death on the Mountain”, 2013; “Don’t Let It Reign” (EP), 2015; “On A Trip To Normal” (EP), 2015


Ol’ Savannah a vu le jour à l’hiver 2008, alors que Bartleby J Budde et Speedy Johnson formaient un duo roots-blues. À cette époque, ils montaient sur les petites scènes pour proposer des mélodies acoustiques piémontaises, tout en puisant leurs inspirations dans l’univers blues, influencés pricipalement par Mississippi John Hurt et Mississippi Fred McDowell.

Fort de trois albums (“Ol’ Savannah” – 2011, “Underneath the Old Red Barn” – 2012, “Death on the Mountain”- 2013) et 2 Eps (“Don’t Let It Reign” – 2015, “On A Trip To Normal” – 2015) et d’une solide expérience acquise sur scène, le group respecte avec finesse ses origines, tout en rendant le tout actuel et captivant pour l’auditeur.


Press Clippings

Events of Note

Date Venue City Time
Tour: Death on the Mountain 2013
06/28/13 Festival du Folk Sale Events of Note in Ste-Rose du Nord, QC
Tour: “Underneath The Old Red Barn” Summer Tour 2012
07/26/12 The Rose & Thistle Events of Note in St. John’s, NL 10:00pm
05/04/12 Cabaret du Mile-End – CD RELEASE Events of Note in Montreal 9:00pm
w/ The Unsettlers, Richard King Rigby & White Lighter, and a guest performance from Gern f!!! What a way to celebrate the release of “Underneath the Old Red Barn”.
03/23/12 The Dakota Tavern Events of Note in Toronto, ON 9:00pm
Canadian Music Week

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Stage Plot

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Technical Requirements

Instrument Requirements
1. Lead vocals
Acoustic guitar
1 x vocal mic (Shure SM58/β58 or equivalent) 1x DI
2. Banjo
Backing vocals
1 x vocal mic (Shure SM58/β58 or equivalent) 1x DI (own Fishman Pro-EQ provided)
3. Accordion
Backing vocals
1 x vocal mic (Shure SM58/β58 or equivalent) 1x instrument mic (Shure SM57/β57 or equivalent)
4. Bass guitar
Backing vocals
1 x vocal mic (Shure SM58/β58 or equivalent) 1 x XLR (line out from bass amplifier) 1x DI
5. Drums 1 x Kick Drum mic (AKG D112 or equivalent)
1 x Snare Drum Top mic (AKG C418 or equivalent)
1 x Snare Drum Bottom mic (AKG C418 or equivalent)
1 x Hi-Hat mic (AKG C430 or equivalent)
1 x Tom mics (Shure SM57 or equivalent)
2 x Overhead mics (AKG C430 or equivalent)
 Totals: 4 x Shure SM58/β58 or equivalent
2 x DI
2 x Shure SM57/β57 or equivalent
1 x XLR
1 x AKG D112 or equivalent
2 x AKG C418 or equivalent
3 x AKG C430 or equivalent
 Backline: All band members provide their own backline equipment
 Own sound engineer:  No

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